Beyonce rocked her Super Bowl performance. Silencing critics, she did that! Destiny’s Child also performed.

With smoke pouring out all around her, Bey stood, hand on hip and sang the opening lines of “Love on Top” a cappella while rising into the air on a hydraulic lift. Doing her fiercest runway strut in a black leather jumpsuit and black boots with thigh-high stockings, she busted into her 2003 solo hit ”Crazy in Love,” working the stage from side to side along with herbackup dancers. They all shook it in a line before Queen B ripped off her leather miniskirt to reveal an ever skimpier lacy skirt, wailing as her guitarist ripped off a solo, flames shooting from the top and bottom of her instrument.


A military boot stomp served as the intro to a tribal “Till The End of Time,” fueled a horn solo from a trio of players in her all-female band. Backed by a video screen that flashed multiple images of her gyrating figure, she then moved into a hip-rolling “Baby Boy.” Her dancers were doubled up on the screen that rose up behind them, as well as on the video screen on the stage, creating a mind-bending illusion of an army of Beyoncés.

And then the moment everyone knew was coming. Destiny’s Child mates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, wearing similarly body-hugging leather catsuits, shot up out of the floor for a few scatty bars of “Bootylicious.” The trio didn’t linger, though, quickly segueing into “Independent Women” as the stage was engulfed in a ring of flames and they struck their best “Charlie’s Angels” pose.

The hits kept coming with a group run through the solo Beyoncé smash “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It),” with all three busting out the iconic hand flip and fierce sideways march in perfect unison.

Things then slowed down a bit for “Halo,” with a sea of blue lights twinkling from the stadium’s seats while Bey crouched down and reached out to touch hands with the fans packed into the two silhouette-shaped spaces on either side of the stage. Fireworks blasting out behind her, Bey ended with a titanic note amid the screams of the crowd in the Super Dome. MTV

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