Beyonce has never spoken out about the lip syncing controversy at President Obama’s inaugural ceremony up until recently, well kinda sorta. Bey posed in a shirt that reads “Can I Live.” You know on social media she’s a woman of few words so this pic  seemed to sum all up. What else is there really to say? Ha.


Alicia Keys who took part in history as well by being one of the celebrity performers at the inauguration had good things to say about Beyonce and her talents.

“What I do know is that Beyoncé is a great performer and she’s an incredible artist with a really, really powerful voice,” she tells Capital FM. “The one thing that you cannot doubt is that she can sing. She absolutely can sing.”

She adds: “All the rest of the ‘whys’ or ‘whatever’, we know that she can deliver and she did deliver that song really beautifully.”


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