I guess congratulations are in order for rapper Juelz Santana and his video chick/girlfriend/ and now baby mama Kimbella. The couple just had a baby. Kimbella and Juelz linked last summer via Twitter. The new baby marks the second birth for both Juelz and Kimbella, who each have one child from previous relationships.

Kimbella, a Miami native, has appeared in videos for Pitbull, Lil Jon and, of course, her boo Juelz, and has been romantically linked in the past to R&B singer Trey Songz, Dallas Mavericks’ Shawn Marion, rappers Fabolous and Lil Wayne. When asked about her relationship with Juelz from XXL mag this is what she had to say:

So you’re really Juelz Santana’s wifey?

Yes! He’s a beautiful person. He really shows respect and cares for me a lot. You can’t find that with a lot of rappers. We’re both in the industry, so we have this mutual understanding where we support each other.

Isn’t her answer supposed to be “you can’t find that with a lot of me?”


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