Okay, now that Tiger Woods has somewhat come clean, lets get to the core of this problem. Tiger Woods is a man who has reached the highest levels of success in his field, golfing. He has made more than a billion dollars and with that comes money hungry, fame whoring little sluts who wait outside bathrooms, hotel rooms, raise their skirts, drop their panties, flirt incessantly, belittle and degrade themselves all for attention from male athletes. Yes, Tiger Woods may have given in and he holds great accountability for his own faults but these are women that live for this, thrive on snagging a rich guy. This way of life is evidenced by the whores keeping emails, voice mails, sneaking pictures and future blackmail evidence. I was intrigued by the story initially because we all knew Tiger was lying about the way the accident occurred. Now that part is over and we must move on or must we. The media won’t let the story die because of ratings and the girls will continue to come forward. But think about who we’re really opening up airwaves and giving interviews to. These women are whores who sleep with married men. They have big dreams of getting rich quick and breaking up some womans family in the process. Their morals are warped and in some twisted way– all of us who give them a voice are as well. Tiger Woods is a human being who got caught up, thats it. He must repair his relationships and his image which will take some time. But, in the end, Tiger will still be rich and her will still remain the best golfer of his time. These whores will get their 15 minutes of fame and go back to waitressing. Who wins in the end? Tiger Woods my friends, Tiger Woods.

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