The idiots of the whole election are Ken Blackwell, Ron Christie and Joe Watkins. Ken Blackwell has been kissing ass for as long as I can remember. I can’t think of many black people who like him.
These men are all black Republicans. Thats fine, everyone is entitled to choose their own party. I don’t respect the nature of their attacks, allowing the networks and republicans to use them solely because they’re black to attack Barack Obama. It makes for a better show, and picture if its a black person attacking Obama. You have never before seen so many black pundits on television talking as experts about politics. Barack Obama opened the door for these idiots to get overtime on tv. How do they repay him? They try to make people think he’s a terrorist, a danger to America and paint him as an elitist who thinks he’s above everyone else. The worst part is their being tokens for a party that didn’t and doesnt’ give a sh!t about their families.
Ken Blackwell

Ron Christie
He’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Christie is so sooooo disrespectful. He’s been utterly disrespectful and he’s a disgrace to his race. He’s a puppet for the republicans and sometimes I want to punch his ass in the face and knock his eyes straight. Real talk.

Joe Watkins

Sometimes I feel like he knows the sh.. he’s saying is garbage but his job is to defend the Republicans and thats what he’s going to do. He has made some totally ridiculous statements about Obama but he knows he’s fighting a losing battle.
What are these guys going to do when Barack Obama is president. They wouldn’t have the right to have a sense of pride in the historic moment because they did everything they could to make sure it didn’t happen. Jerks!

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