Angela Simmons recently broke up with her boyfriend TK. TK is a skateboarder whose real name is Terry Kennedy. Looks like old Terry got caught up cheating with his ex-girlfriend. I guess thats why Angela and Bow Wow were seen real snuggly at T-Pain’s birthday party in Florida.

Anyway Ang and the ex-girlfriend Brenn Colleen must have worked together, going through all TK’s lies and whereabouts to realize they were both being played. Can’t you just here Angela’s irritating voice going back and forth with Brenn about lies he’s told them both. The end result was putting him on blast on Myspace and I guess Angela being at sister Vanessa’s birthday party in Miami with Bow Wow.
This was on Brenn’s Myspace page:

It’s a photo of Brenn (left), Angela, and a friend…in a photo album titled “Exposed”. The caption under the pic reads “So hard to lose when all we do is win”…with Brenn flipping off the camera which I’m sure was aimed at TK. And Angela even left a comment two days ago saying “Isn’t it great when ppl get busted. lol”
To see more pics and read the rest click
And here’s another pic of the two new best friends from Angela’s private myspace page:

And the caption reads “speaks for itself.. hows it feel ? GREAT lol”. Funny.


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